This is What Happens When Two of Your Favourite Artists Jam on Stage

There are some shows you wish you could have been at to take in the atmosphere and feel the energy up close. This is one of those moments.

Last summer I had the privilege of seeing both these guys perform a full set and each occasion was breathtaking. They inspire me to grow as a songwriter and are a constant reminder of the beautiful impact that music should have on our lives.

Mon and Andrea

Andrea and I at Love Supreme Festival












Stevie Wonder’s wit had the crowd in pieces, he’s so funny! The years of experience showed as he led us for a 2 hour long journey through classics and united the entire audience. You can’t listen AND watch him without dancing and wearing a smile. 😀

Gregory Porter’s charisma on stage and his vocal tone is unforgettable. As I looked around I could see the  mesmerised faces and heard the gasps as he swept us along and filled us with inspiration.  I was introduced to his album ‘Liquid Spirit’ by my friend Andrea (above) shortly after release and haven’t put it down since. From the lyrics, to the melodies to the music production, there’s such an honesty and authenticity about his sound. I’m playing it right now and I know I’ll be playing this album for decades to come.

Gregory Porter Live

Share some of your favourite duet moments with me. What artists inspire you the most?