Music has been my love since I was a young girl. It’s been a constant thread throughout life and I love to tell stories that inspire hope. I find it hard to escape the reality of how powerful music can be and my appreciation for a story or message told well outweighs my admiration of skill or a perfect performance. It’s because I’m always looking for meaning. I’m inquisitive and I’m attracted to purpose.

Another thread in my life has been a desire to empower young women in particular to live life to the full. I’m fascinated by cross cultural conversations, would love to have a successful clothing line one day, as well as a collection of children’s books that make my own kids giggle! For a long time I’ve known that music would be a doorway to exploring some of my other passions and in that respect, I am more than a singer. I am more than a song.

When I’m not spending time with my husband Aaron and looking after our gorgeous boys Jude and Israel, you can find me writing, encouraging young women and working on new music releases for other artists. My family and friends are important to me so spending quality time hanging out and creating memories is one of my favourite things to do.

We moved from Birmingham to live in Manchester 4 years ago and absolutely love our family at !Audacious Church, where I serve on the worship team and in the college.

I am the founder of Daughter Shine, a new community of women who are committed to embracing their story and serving the world with their unique voice.

I am also the CEO and Founder of Carte Blanche Music, an independent music label and publishing company creating a platform for and championing the unique sound of some of the most talented artists and songwriters.

Just for fun, here are 3 of my essentials for a good day and week so you can get to know me a bit more!

1. A bath a day (I’ll take 2 if I can) – Aaron bought me a box of bath bombs for Christmas from Lush and they’re a dreeeeeeam!)

2. Sunday dinner – Rice and Peas, salmon, veg, roast potatoes and don’t forget the yorkshires with lots of gravy please. Yum.

3. A beautifully spread bed – I never really feel like the day’s started with clarity until everything’s tucked in and fluffed up nicely.

What about  you, what are your essentials?

I hope you enjoy taking a look around – thanks so much for visiting and reading. If you’d like to get in touch, please message me through the contact page. I’d love you to sign up to my newsletter too.

Much Love,