Born and raised in Birmingham UK,  I now live in the great city of Manchester. We made a last minute decision to move up north  for a year so I could study theology and three years later we’re still here!  I love the Lord and it is my honour to serve Him with my life. My family mean the world to me. God knew what He was doing when he gave me Aaron and we are incredibly blessed with 2 gorgeous sons Jude 3 and Israel 1.

Music has been my inspiration since I was a young girl. I’ve been writing and recording music since I was 13 years old and singing for a few years before then. After being involved in a variety of projects and recording a few singles, I decided to set up my own record label in 2010, to release my debut album ‘Unbroken.’ There weren’t any major labels banging on my door and I quite liked the idea of having freedom over what I put out. Hence the name ‘Carte Blanche Records,’ meaning ‘freedom to act.’ I also write for producers and labels independently from my personal work as an artist.

I love to tell stories and desire to inspire and empower others to shine in this world. Shining to me means discovering you’re own unique sense of purpose and authentically serving the world. It’s about living the life you’re made for. I’m the author of the upcoming book ‘Daughter Shine.’