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            concrete mixer truck

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            Automatic feed mixer

                CHINA TOP BRAND SELF LOADING MIXER 1.0 ,1.2 ,1.6,2.6,4.0 cubic meters self loading concrete mixer truck/ self loading concrete mixer
            1) The self mixing concrete truck can automatic feeding, measuring, mixing and dischargingconcrete.
            2) The self loading mixer for sale has easy operation, high working efficiency, high mixing effect.
            3) It has independent water supply system, which can ensure the high quality of concrete.

            4) It just need one operator to drive, load, and mix raw material while moving it.
                The car is a kind of equipment that combines the functions of a concrete transport vehicle and a concrete mixing station. It integrates concrete loading, measuring, stirring, transporting, and discharging into one, and can achieve concrete transportation and on-site concrete construction. The vehicle greatly improves the production efficiency. Reduced production time and cost, with simple, fast and efficient characteristics.
            The car directly saves about 100 yuan per cubic meter for bicycle work, while saving 4-5 people. It is characterized by low investment, low cost, low labor force and high efficiency.

            Automatic stirring
                After the aggregate and cement enter the mixing tank, they can be perfectly mixed through the water flow in the tank. Stir fast, a bucket of material, one minute, stirring at any time, can be stirred when walking, save time, this machine can be loaded directly to the unloading site, can be stirred during the driving process.

            Automatic feeding system
                Based on the unique hinge type hydraulic shovel, it can easily and accurately load the ingredients; The built-in blade of the bucket can automatically cut open the cement bag to avoid waste of raw materials; All ingredients can be smoothly and quickly entered into the mixing barrel from the bucket. Replace the traditional loader loading method, save the cost of purchasing loader. To reduce environmental pollution, the maximum area of the material field can be used. The feeding time is faster and the finishing precision is more accurate.

            Automatic discharge system
                The load-type concrete mixer is based on the movable principle and can be moved everywhere when unloading. The tank can be rotated horizontally at 180/270 degrees. Where it is necessary to discharge, it is convenient and quick, and it is equipped with a secondary bracket. The tank can be lifted and lifted. The discharge method is simple and fast. One lever can load and unload the material.

            Easy to move
                It can be suitable for transportation in any venue. Four-wheel drive hydraulic gear and good configuration to allow it to crawl on a 30 % slope at full load. Equipped with a center of gravity transfer system, the center of gravity can move back and forth when uphill and downhill. Can effectively increase the overall security.

            Comfortable operating environment
                Equipped with a fully equipped cab, a simple operating design, and a joystick designed according to ergonomics principles, the operator can immediately familiarize himself with all major operations. The air-conditioning system can be used to work in high temperature environment. It is equipped with anti-roll and anti-fall protection system so that the equipment can improve the driver's comprehensive safety protection under harsh construction environment and road driving conditions.

            Applicable to special circumstances
                Automatic loading of mobile concrete mixers, suitable for construction in various special environments, crowded urban areas and remote areas, It can be used in the construction of some special concrete structures away from commercial concrete mixing stations, such as concrete road maintenance, bridge tunnel construction, township highway construction, construction of national defense facilities, construction and maintenance of high-speed railway construction. It is also equipped with a car lighting system that can be used for night driving and construction to achieve 24-hour construction operations and increase work efficiency. Provides customers with the best solution for mixing and pouring concrete.

            Q. Terms of payment
            A. 30% contract value as the deposit by T/T,70% contract value payoff before delivery time after production finished

            Q. What's your MOQ?
            A. One unit trailer or truck. We suggest two trailers one time to save the freight.

            Q. What about your products quality?
            A.Quality is our culture! "Our factory has advanced production technology and management team!
            We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the very beginning!

            Q. Can you satisfy my special requirement?
            A. Definitely! We can discuss the practicable plan and produce it as your request.

            Q. How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they pay ?

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