I’m a British writer and singer of Jamaican decent, born in Birmingham and now living in Manchester UK.

Music has been my love since I was a young girl. It’s been a constant thread throughout life and I love to tell stories that inspire hope. I find it hard to escape the reality of how powerful music can be and my appreciation for a story or message told well, outweighs my admiration of the perfect performance. It’s because I’m always looking for meaning, I’m inquisitive and I’m attracted to authenticity.

I’m the founder of Daughter Shine and host a podcast dedicated to empowering women of faith to live purposefully in today’s world. 

I’m also the founder of independent publishing company, Carte Blanche Music.

My husband and our 2 boys keep me on my toes. I’m fascinated by intercultural conversations and would love to have a collection of children’s books one day that make my own kids giggle.